Bursting in Bloom


Bursting in Bloom
   24x30. Acrylic


Joan Schnuerch is originally from Berlin, Germany, where her nickname is Joschi
and pronounced in English as yo-shee. Joschi has a degree in Fashion Design,
which is where she discovered her talents with pencils. After graduating college,
she moved to the United States and discovered that art would continue to be an
active part of her life. While first moving to Queens, NY, she took an art course with
the Famous Artists School in Westport, CT under the tutelage of Norman Rockwell,
Robert Fawcett, Ben Stahl, and others.
It was years later, after raising a family on Long Island, NY, that Joschi moved to
the Bradenton/Sarasota area in Florida and started to paint more seriously with a heavy focus using
oil paints. While oils were becoming her passion, she also worked with watercolor and acrylics. She
further developed her style, influenced by the Impressionistic artists and concentrates on landscapes,
seascapes, portraits, and capturing movement in people, Joschi has been a member of the Women
Contemporary Artists (WCA) of Sarasota and has been exhibiting for 20+ years in the Manatee and
Sarasota Art Centers and local galleries.
Art is more than paint on a canvas. Art is an expression of a work that is appreciated for its beauty or
an emotional power touching a heart. In recent years, Joschi started to create prints combining
photography with the elements of nature that she discovers during her walks. Utilizing leaves, blades
of grass, small branches, and flowers has given her another way to introduce shapes, colors, light
and shadows to her art
Her most recent work was influenced by paintings with a 3D look. After painting on canvas for over
25 years, she is now doing glass sculpture paintings that make objects look alive in a virtual glass
cage. The wooden base gives a strong anchor with the illusion of objects floating in glass.
Painting is how Joschi expresses and shares joy using the views found throughout this beautiful world
that we share.
Member of
Manatee Art Center
Women Contemporary Artist
Sarasota Art Center

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