Cloud City


Cloud City

Original Paper Collage (framed)

21 x 27


Scylla Liscombe ~ Strangefire Art

Scylla is a visual artist as well as a poet and dancer. Her life is a dance between the three. Her art is known for its color, line, and playfulness. Her abstracts and photo art reveal a somewhat mystical and surreal adventure. Her work has been shown locally and in New York, in magazines, and as cover art for books and music albums.

Her visual art consists of: photo art, box art, mixed-media abstracts on paper, canvas, and board; original paper collages, and original necklaces inspired by tribal art using glass, stone, shell and ceramic beads.

She says of her work, “It’s a matter of seeing and feeling the movement and the mystical in this more than human world—the earth itself, her animals, sky, ocean, wind, trees, flowers –their colors and their rhythms. My poetry, art and dance simply represent me, feeling my way out.

Scylla loved to collaborate with other artists in any discipline. Born in Boston, Scylla moved to Sarasota in 1993

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