Ghost Bridge


Ghost Bridge is "AI assisted digital art" giclee print 24.75 x 16.75, framed  

How I got here

As a child, I wanted to be a National Geographic photographer. I loved the colors, details and expansive two-page spreads depicting exotic adventures. Then, life happened; I grew up and chose a technical career that provided success on some levels, but without the satisfaction of artistic expression.

With the new century and the emergence of digital photography, I revisited photography as a hobby. I first strived for technical excellence, but once competent, there was still something missing.

While visiting Paris a pivotal awakening to Impressionism began to release me from a need for accuracy. My method shifted from pure photography to digital art - more the product of photoshop nuance than camera technique. Essentially, my camera became a tool to capture components that I could composite into integrated images on my computer.

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