Good Vibes


Good Vibes - ink on paper- 10 x 12 - $125

My interest in art started as a child and continued throughout my teenage years. I found myself trying all types of arts and crafts; candle making, batik, needlepoint, bargello, wood crafts, in addition to painting with water color and acrylics on most anything; clothes, rocks, shells, pine cones to name a few. Upon graduating from Architecture school, my creativity was turned to the design and construction of all types of buildings for both the private sector and the City of New York. Now that I am retired from Architecture, I have the time to pursue my passion for painting and creating art. I have a renewed sense of excitement to be painting and experimenting with abstract forms, collage and wall art.

As an architect, I have always had an interest in lines, shapes and forms and the way they interact with light and color. I also enjoy playing with perspective, layering and optical illusions. Therefore, my art is a reflection of these subjects and their juxtaposition.


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