Sea Turtles in the Bay


Richard Knupp is a retired business executive living in Bradenton, Florida. After graduating from Millersville University, he taught art in the Pennsylvania public school system. While teaching, he worked diligently to develop his printmaking skills. Producing detailed etchings and engravings required a steady hand and unfortunately he began to lose coordination in his right hand. After being diagnosed with essential tremors, he completely gave up printmaking and teaching to pursue a business career. When he retired nearly half a century later, Richard began to experiment with acrylics which offered a much more forgiving alternative to the steady hand needed for etchings and engravings. He is now learning to use his left hand and exploit the more impressionistic qualities of paint. Even though his work is evolving toward more impressionistic qualities, the struggling desire to retain detail remains evident. His paintings of Florida wildlife along with the occasional abstract continues to develop as he grows more comfortable with the medium

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