Un-titled #1 - Tom Suhler


Open Edition (12"h x 18"w)

Open Edition (24"h x 36"w)


I’ve been making things my whole life. Starting with treehouses, forts, and fishponds as a kid to designing and building my house as an adult. Of the many careers I’ve explored, creating played a major role. Nothing scratches the creative itch better than making art. Whether in the studio or on a movie or photography set, there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.


Give me a minute and I will ponder a variety of interesting subjects: astrophysics, architecture, philosophy, politics, nature, geology, clouds, sunsets, relationships, our universe, particle physics, conflict resolution, storytelling, movies, novels, and biographies. I enjoy digging into topics and seeing how they can inspire a wide range of artistic ideas and fantasies.


I have been surrounded by mentors ever since I was a kid. These mentors helped me with understanding sports, careers and life itself. I value the gift of mentoring and strive to do the same for kids and adults alike whenever the opportunity arises. Whether in a school, on set, or in everyday life, helping others grow is an essential part of humanity.


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